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The TMS-Net is a Doppler sensor for collecting traffic data on one lane (or two lanes in opposite directions).  It transmits in real time the speed and length of each vehicle to a counting station.

Operation and strengths

  • Above ground: non-intrusive and easy to install on gantries or on the roadside
  • RS-232 or RS-485 communication
  • Data transmitted in real time to your metering station or storage system
  • Measures from 15 km/h
  • Compact and discreet

Technical features

Frequency K-Band : 24.125 Ghz
Detectable speeds from 15 to 250 km/h
Protection level IP65
Power supply 10-60 V DC
Power consumption < 1 VA
Transmitting power < 5 mW
Operating temperature  from – 40°C to +75°C
Unit size L 180 x l 90 x H 220 mm (excluding mount)
Accuracy (in the case of installation in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions) speed : 98 %

count : 98 %

length : +/- 1 m

Interface RS232 (option : RS485)

Use cases

  • Replacement of inductive loops on national roads and motorways (Netherlands, Italy,…)
  • Traffic measurement on motorway exit ramps