TMS-HYPERLOOP Umferðagreinir

The TMS-HYPERLOOP is a radar designed to count vehicles.  It combines counting with the classification of length (LV/ HV), speed (Vx / Vy) or direction (A / B).

The TMS-Hyperloop has one RS-232 input/output and two relay outputs that can be configured according to three criteria: speed, length and direction. It is intended for single-lane roads in each direction.

  • Insensitive to light, colour, humidity or dust
  • Reaction time less than 50 ms
  • No maintenance
  • Aluminium housing and IP67 rear connector
  • Lightweight, easy to install
  • Easy assembly: M8 nuts and bolts included

Technical features

Detectable speeds from 4 to 255 km/h
Precision speed : 99 %

count : 98 %

length : 90 %

Operating temperatures from –40 °C to +75 °C
Power supply 10-60 V DC
Power consumption < 1 VA
Frequency K-Band : 24.1250 GHz
Transmitting power 5 mW
Size of unit 70 x 100 x 248 mm
Weight 950 g, excl. cable and bracket
Protection level IP68
User output two changeover relay contacts


front-facing LED

Parameter setting interface terminal emulator (command lines) via RS-232

Use cases

  • Traffic data acquisition
  • Counting of parking entrances in order to manage lighting
  • LV/HCV counting