Real-World Math with Vernier

Real-World Math with Vernier includes 32 activities covering concepts such as linear, quadratic, and periodic functions; statistics; systems of equations; and many more. The activities found in the printed book are written for use with TI-Nspire™ technology.

Real-World Math with Vernier is a revision and compilation of the earlier Texas Instruments publications Real-World Math with the CBL 2 and LabPro and Real-World Math Made Easy, and the Vernier publication Real-World Math with Computers.

Table of Contents

Experiment Suggested Products
1 Walk the Line – Straight Line Distance Graphs Motion Detector
2 Making Cents of Math: Linear Relationship between Weight and Quantity Dual-Range Force Sensor
3 Pool Plunge – Linear Relationship between Water Depth and Pressure Gas Pressure Sensor
4 Funnel Volumes – Volume and Weight Dual-Range Force Sensor
5 Keep It Bottled Up – Rates of Pressure Increase Gas Pressure Sensor
6 Mix It Up – Mixing Liquids of Different Temperatures Stainless Steel Temperature Probe
7 Spring Thing – Newton’s Second Law Dual-Range Force Sensor, Motion Detector
8 Stretch It to the Limit – The Linear Force Relation for a Rubber Band Dual-Range Force Sensor, Motion Detector
9 What Goes Up – Position and Time for a Cart on a Ramp Motion Detector
10 That’s the Way the Ball Bounces – Height and Time for a Bouncing Ball Motion Detector
11 Walk This Way – Definition of Rate Motion Detector
12 Velocity Test – Interpreting Graphs Motion Detector
13 From Here to There – Applications of the Distance Formula Motion Detector
14 Under Pressure – The Inverse Relationship between Pressure and Volume Gas Pressure Sensor
15 Light at A Distance – Distance and Intensity Light Sensor
16 Chill Out: How Hot Objects Cool EasyTemp
17 Charging Up, Charging Down – Charging a Capacitor Voltage Probe
18 Bounce Back – The Pattern of Rebound Heights Motion Detector
19 Sour Chemistry – The Exponential pH Change pH Sensor
20 Swinging Ellipses – Plotting an Ellipse Motion Detector
21 Lights Out! – Periodic Phenomena Light Sensor
22 Tic, Toc: Pendulum Motion Motion Detector
23 Stay Tuned: Sound Waveform Models Microphone
24 Up And Down: Damped Harmonic Motion Motion Detector
25 How Tall? Describing Data with Statistical Plots Motion Detector
26 And Now, the Weather – Describing Data with Statistics Stainless Steel Temperature Probe
27 Meet You at the Intersection: Solving a System of Linear Equations Motion Detector
28 Titration Curves: An Application of the Logistic Function pH Sensor
29 Clock Design: Period and Length of a Simple Pendulum Motion Detector
30 Graph It in Pieces: Piecewise Defined Functions Motion Detector
31 Stepping to the Greatest Integer: The Greatest Integer Function CBR 2
32 Crawling Around: Parametric Plots Motion Detector