Model 4500Ti

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Titanium Piezometer (Vibrating Wire)

The Model 4500Ti is designed specifically for use in highly corrosive environments such as landfills and leach fields. Also used in critical areas where long-term survivability is essential, for example, as in nuclear waste repositories and aggressive mine tailings. All exposed surfaces are made from titanium.*


Standard Ranges¹: −100 to 350, 700 kPa; 1, 2, 3, 5, 7.5 MPa
Over Range: 1.5 × rated pressure
Resolution: 0.025% F.S. (minimum)
Accuracy: ±0.1% F.S.
Linearity: <0.5% F.S.
Temperature Range²: −20°C to +80°C
Length × Diameter: 125 × 25.4 mm

¹Other ranges available on request.

²High temperature versions available on request.