2-channel Ethernet to Fibre Media Converter

2 × 10/100 TX ports with Auto MDI/MDI-X, Auto Negotiation
2 × 100 Mbit/s Fibre port using SC connectors


✔ Two Channel 10/100 TX to 100 FX media converter

• Two 10/100 TX with 2 100 FX Fast Ethernet Fibre Switch
• Supports Auto MDI/MDI-X, Auto Negotiation
• Supports Multi-mode 2 km, Single-mode 30 km

✔ Built in monitoring

• 3.2 Gbit/s Non-Blocking Switch Fabric
• Auto Link Loss Forwarding (LLF) for fault detection
• Power and Port event alarm

✔ Industrial design specification

• Redundant 10~60 V DC Power inputs with DC polarity protection
• NEMA -TS2 Compliance (applying)
• Aluminium case with IP-31 grade protection
• Supports 1.5 KV Hi-Pot isolation protection
• Operating temperature –25 to 75ºC for hazardous environment application (–40 ~ 75ºC wide operating temperature model available by request)


The Westermo MCI-422 is not only a compact 4-port switch, but also a 2 channel RJ45 to fibre media converter.

As a switch the MCI-422 is an industrial 4-port 10/100 Mbit/s Fast Ethernet Fibre Switch, incorporating 3.2 Gbit/s switching fabric with non-blocking store and forward technology. In converter mode it is a 2-channel 10/100 TX to 100 FX media converter, featuring remote Link Loss Forwarding technology.

The unit is simply configured as either device using a DIP switch. The LFF is also set up in this way.

The MCI-422 has dual redundant power inputs with wide DC range 10 ~ 60 V, it also has an alarm relay to trigger an alarm signal for port or power events.

Two versions are available for either single mode or multimode fibres. The MM version for multimode fibres up to 2KM and the SM version for single mode fibre to 30km.