Maestro M100

Compact and intelligent industrial modems

M100 Series

The M100 is the perfect solution for M2M applications facing tough environmental conditions and extended lifetime requirements. This compact and intelligent modem running Open AT ® Application Framework supports specific protocols and accessories specifically developed by Lantronix to ease integration with industrial equipment such as electricity meters, programmable logic controllers, lifts and vending machines. The M100 is fully type approved in 2G, CDMA or 3G and ready for global deployment.

Ultra small form factor

With a common form-factor of 60 x 62.7 x 21.7 mm Lantronix M100 series modems are the modem of choice for applications where space is limited.


Low power consumption

Lantronix M100 are designed for low power consumption, fully operational for any M2M / IoT application where the power is often scared

Digital input / output x 2

The Lantronix M100 3G features a digital I/O port which could be use for alarm, tampering detection or to trigger an event.


GPS One™

Using a combination of GPS satellite signals and the cell towers themselves, gpsOne allows your location to be plotted with greater accuracy than traditional GPS systems in areas where satellite reception is problematic due to buildings or environment.

USB 2.0

The M100 Series modems includes a mini-USB port for direct connection to a computer or industrial equipment.


Features & Specifications for M100 Series

M100 2G


  • RS-232
  • Digital input / output X1
  • Analogue input X1
  • Gold Cap. backed-up RTC

M100 CDMA plus

Verizon Wireless CDMA2000 1X:

  • RS-232
  • Digital input x 2
  • gpsOne™
  • USB 2.0

M100 3G XT

Dual or tri-band HSDPA:

  • RS-232
  • Digital input/output x 2
  • gpsOne™
  • USB 2.0