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Water-Level Continuous Flow Bubbler with Integrated Screen


The LevelVUE™B10 is a cost-effective, accurate, reliable solution for water-level measurements based on a non-submersible pressure transducer system. This type of sensor is a bubbler. Bubblers accurately measure the pressure it takes to create a continuous airflow in an airline submerged in water. The LevelVUE™B10 is designed for ease of use while providing long-term performance and accuracy. With a built-in keypad and display, you can complete your setup and site visit tasks using the LevelVUE™B10. The LevelVUE™B10 interfaces with data loggers or other controllers using SDI-12 or Modbus.

Benefits and Features

  • Low-power idle state for extended battery life
  • Proprietary high-pressure/high-volume purge operation to prevent sediment buildup
  • Simultaneous operation on the SDI-12 interface and Modbus interface
  • Built-in keypad/display for full setup and maintenance operation
  • Incorporated SDI-12 version 1.4 metadata commands for identification of data
  • Standard cold temperature (-40°C) operation
  • Proprietary air flow/bubble generation designed for years of trouble-free operation