Human Physiology Experiments

The experiments in Human Physiology Experiments encourage students to investigate the physiology of the cardiac, muscular, respiratory, vascular, and nervous systems. Experiment setup is minimal–students are collecting data in minutes.

Table of Contents

Experiment Suggested Products
1 Body Temperature Go Direct® Surface Temperature Sensor
2 Limb Position and Grip Strength Go Direct® Hand Dynamometer
3 Introduction to Electromyography Go Direct® Hand Dynamometer, Go Direct® EKG Sensor
4 Simple Neuromuscular Reflexes Go Direct® EKG Sensor, Go Direct® Force and Acceleration Sensor, Reflex Hammer Accessory Kit
5 Balance Go Direct® Force and Acceleration Sensor
6 Homeostasis and Autonomic Reflexes Go Wireless® Heart Rate
7 Effect of Exercise on Heart Rate Go Wireless® Heart Rate
8 Introduction to Electrocardiography Go Direct® EKG Sensor
9 Blood Flow and Skin Temperature Go Direct® Surface Temperature Sensor
10 Respiration and Ventilation Go Direct® Respiration Belt
11 Ventilation and Heart Rate Go Direct® Respiration Belt, Go Wireless® Heart Rate
12 Oxygen Extraction During Respiration Go Direct® O2 Gas Sensor, BioChamber 250
13 Effect of Exercise on Oxygen Usage Go Direct® O2 Gas Sensor
14 Heart Rate and Calories Go Wireless® Heart Rate