Rugged Compact Industrial 4G LTE Router


Rugged compact industrial 4G (LTE) router

• Low Power consumption (5W)
• Isolated power supply
• Operate from 12 VDC battery backup power (9-36 VDC)
• Wide band coverage APAC & EMEA

High availability Cellular connectivity

• Continuous testing of the connection to the cellular network
• Configurable roaming functions
• Dual SIM cards

Secure IEC-62351, IEC-5-104 communications & VPN

• Authentication of IEC-5-104 commands
• Deep packet inspection of IEC-5-104 messaging
• SSL, IPsec and DMVPN, SHA2 IKEV2 and AES-256

Zero Touch deployment

• Centralized configuration via Activator
• No IP knowledge required for installation
• Reduced installation and maintenance costs

Rugged Compact 4G/LTE Router
2 x 10/100 Mbit/s, RJ-45
2 x SIM card slot