Alstöðvarnar frá Topcon hafa notið mikill vinsælda um heim allan þegar kemur að áreiðanleika og nákvæmni. Marg búnar að sanna sig við íslenskar aðstæðar. Ef þig vantar hraðar mælingar við allar aðstæður GT-1200/600 hentar þér.

GT-1200/600 Alstöð

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Fast, accurate and versatile

The flagship GT Series ultrasonic robotic total station delivers accurate and productive workflows for highly demanding survey and construction applications. Lay out or survey more points precisely and in less time, while improving quality and consistency. Easy-to-use digital processes with repeatable accurate results mean less rework and better-quality control. Built for jobsite mobility, GT is one professional tool that does it all for layout, survey and machine guidance.

  • Precise positioning with single-person operation
  • High-speed advanced ultrasonic motors
  • Easy to use with MAGNET or Pocket3D software
  • Seamless integration into BIM workflows
  • Available in GT-1200 and GT-600 models with multiple accuracy levels
  • Three-year instrument and five-year motor warranty
  • Ultra-rugged IP65 dust and water resistance
  • UltraTrac™ prism tracking
  • Maintain work pace with total station locked onto the prism, even in challenging environments
Topcon alstöð GT-1200
Topcon alstöð GT-1200 hentar mjög vel við byggingarframkvæmdir.

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