Blood Pressure Sensor

Designed for versatility, Go Direct Blood Pressure is a non-invasive sensor that measures human blood pressure. It measures systolic, diastolic, and mean arterial pressure using the oscillometric method. Go Direct Blood Pressure can also report pulse rate and can display both individual pressure pulses and peak-to-peak pulse amplitudes, giving students a few ways to collect data.

The sensor indicator light provides immediate user feedback, letting students know when blood pressure parameters have been reported. With both USB and wireless capabilities, students can monitor blood pressure anywhere using any compatible device.

Go Direct Blood Pressure can be used in a variety of experiments:

  • Measure and compare blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Measure how exercise changes blood pressure.
  • Observe how the “fight or flight” response changes blood pressure.

Rechargeable Battery—Ready When You Are

The robust rechargeable battery offers long battery life and provides always-ready operation when using the sensor wirelessly. Monitor battery life directly from our free Graphical Analysis 4 app or LabQuest 2 App. Should the battery run low, simply connect the sensor to the charging cable and keep on collecting—no interruptions or inconvenience to you or your students.

Wired or Wireless—The Flexibility to Choose

Our Go Direct sensors connect directly to your mobile device, Chromebook, or computer using our free Graphical Analysis 4 app—no additional equipment or software purchases are necessary. Go Direct sensors can be used wired via USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth® wireless technology, allowing you to choose the solution best for your classroom or laboratory