ES-2 Electrical Conductivity Sensor

The ES-2 Electrical Conductivity & Temperature Sensor is designed to measure the electrical conductivity (EC) and temperature of water in a pipe or tank. EC is useful for measuring salinity levels or quality of irrigation water.

The ES-2 can be installed in line with an irrigation pipe, in a water body, or in a tank.


Range Electrical Conductivity: 0 to 120 dS/m

Temperature: -40 °C to 50 °C

Resolution Electrical Conductivity: 0.001 dS/m

Temperature: 0.1 °C

Accuracy Electrical Conductivity: ± 0.01 dS/m or ± 10 % (whichever is greater)

Temperature: ± 1 °C

Operating Temperature -40 °C to 60 °C*

Sensors can be used at higher temperatures under some conditions. Contact METER for more details.

Power Requirements 3.6 – 15 VDC, 0.03 mA quiescent, 0.5 mA during 300 ms measurement
Dimensions ES-2 Housing: 2.2 cm Diameter, 11 cm length

ES-2F Housing: 1.5 cm Diameter, 9.2 cm length

Thread Requirements 1/2 inch NPT thread
Measurement Time 300 ms (milliseconds)
Output Serial TTL, 3.6 Volts Levels or SDI-12
Connector Types 3.5 mm (stereo) plug, or stripped & tinned lead wires (3)
Cable Length 5 m standard; custom lengths available upon request
Data Logger Compatibility (Not Exclusive) METER ZL6, Em50/50G, EM60/60G,
Software Compatibility ECH2O Utility (rev 1.65+), DataTrac3 (rev 3.6+)
Included Screw-on protective cap for ES-2 use in tanks