Stainless-Steel Pressure Transducer

Ideal for long-term deployment in harsh conditions


The CS451 is a pressure transducer with a a stainless-steel case. It is used for water-level measurements and can be submerged in most canals, wells, ponds, lakes, and streams. The CS451 outputs either a digital SDI-12 or RS-232 signal to indicate observed pressure and temperature. This output can be read by many of our data loggers.

The CS451 replaces the CS450 transducer. The new transducers have a smaller gap between the water ports and the diaphragm so that less air is trapped that the user must remove during deployment. Trapped air causes the transducer’s readings to drift as the air slowly dissolves into the water.

Benefits and Features

  • Quality construction ensures product reliability
  • Rugged stainless-steel case protects piezoresistive sensor
  • Compatible with most Campbell Scientific data loggers
  • Fully temperature-compensated
  • Low-power sleep state between measurements reduces power consumption
  • Optional weighted nose cone facilitates submersion
  • NPT fitting allows it to be used in closed-pipe applications
  • Quick shipment after receipt of order (ARO)