Titanium Stand-Alone Pressure Transducer

Self-Contained Memory
Easy to use software, reliable hardware


The CRS456 consists of a water-level and water-temperature sensor that has its own time clock and memory to store the collected data, in a compact titanium case. This frees users to place the sensor in remote sites and let it collect data for long periods. The sensor can then be retrieved, connected to a PC via a micro-USB port, and the data transferred to the PC. HydroSci software is included and elegantly supports test setup, data retrieval, and data display. Long battery life and rugged construction mean you can trust the CRS456 to collect important data. Low cost and ease of use make it a good choice in a variety of applications. The CRS451 is the same as this, but with a stainless-steel case.

Benefits and Features

  • Sensors and data-collection features in one instrument case
  • Rugged titanium case protects piezoresistive sensor allowing it to be used in saltwater and other harsh environments
  • Quality construction ensures product reliability
  • Fully temperature-compensated
  • Fast scan rate
  • Large data-storage capacity
  • Long battery life
  • Easy-to-use software