Advanced Biology with Vernier

Advanced Biology with Vernier contains 17 ready-to-use experiments appropriate for advanced high school and college biology courses.

Use it in addition to Biology with Vernier for a comprehensive set of topics. For inquiry-based experiments, we recommend Investigating Biology through Inquiry.

Table of Contents

Experiment Suggested Products
1A Diffusion through Membranes Conductivity Probe
1B Osmosis Gas Pressure Sensor
2A Enzyme Action: Testing Catalase Activity O2 Gas Sensor
2B Enzyme Action: Testing Catalase Activity Gas Pressure Sensor
3 Mitosis & Meiosis No probeware used
4A Plant Pigment Chromatography No probeware used
4B Photosynthesis Colorimeter
5A Cell Respiration (CO2 and O2) CO2 Gas Sensor, O2 Gas Sensor
5B Cell Respiration (CO2) CO2 Gas Sensor
5C Cell Respiration (O2) O2 Gas Sensor
5D Cell Respiration (Pressure) Gas Pressure Sensor
6A pGLO™ Bacterial Transformation Blue Digital Bioimaging System
6B Analysis of Precut Lambda DNA Blue Digital Bioimaging System
6B Forensic DNA Fingerprinting Blue Digital Bioimaging System
7 Genetics of Drosophila No probeware used
8 Population Genetics and Evolution No probeware used
9 Transpiration Gas Pressure Sensor
10A Blood Pressure as a Vital Sign Blood Pressure Sensor
10B Heart Rate and Physical Fitness Hand-Grip Heart Rate Monitor
11 Animal Behavior No probeware used
12A Dissolved Oxygen in Water Vernier Optical DO Probe, Stainless Steel Temperature Probe
12B Primary Productivity Vernier Optical DO Probe, Primary Productivity Kit
13 The Visible Spectra of Plant Pigments Go Direct® SpectroVis® Plus Spectrophotometer
14 Determination of Chlorophyll in Olive Oil Go Direct® SpectroVis® Plus Spectrophotometer
15 Enzyme Analysis using Tyrosinase Colorimeter
16 Introduction to Neurotransmitters using AChE Colorimeter
17 Macromolecules: Experiments with Protein Colorimeter