SC32BSC32B Optically Isolated RS-232 Interface
Connects your PC to a datalogger at your desk or in the field
Converts the logic levels of your PC to those understood by the CR7, 21X, CR10X, CR10, CR510, and CR500 dataloggers
Functionality built into the CR23X and CR5000

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SC105SC105 CS I/O to 9-Pin RS-232 DCE Synchronous Interface
Supports communication between a datalogger and an RS-232 DCE device
Allows DCE devices to communicate with our dataloggers at rates up to 115.2 kbps
Provides internal buffering capability to ensure no data is lost during transmission

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NL120NL120 Network Link Interface
Module that attaches directly to the datalogger and provides an Ethernet port. This port allows the datalogger to communicate over a local network or dedicated Internet connection.
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SC932ASC932A 9-Pin to 9-Pin RS-232 Interface
Used to connect an RS-232 modem to a datalogger Commonly used with: Short haul modems Fiber optic modems

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MD485MD485 RS-485 Multidrop Interface
The MD485 is an intelligent RS-485 interface that permits a PC to address and communicate with one or more dataloggers over a distance of up to 1200 m. This interface also supports datalogger-to-datalogger communication, callback from a remote datalogger, PC-to-printer communications, and digital camera-to-datalogger connections.

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CR1000KDCR1000KD Keyboard/Display for the CR1000
Keyboard/Display for the CR1000 datalogger
Not compatible with other Campbell Scientific dataloggers
Displays 8 lines x 21 characters

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