4500S_PiezometerStandard Piezometers | Model 4500S, 4500SH, 4500AL(V)
The Model 4500 Standard Piezometer is designed to measure fluid pressures such as ground water elevations and pore pressures when buried directly in embankments, fills, etc. Also for installation inside boreholes, observation wells and standard (>19 mm diameter) piezometer riser pipe. The Model 4500SH is designed with a heavy duty housing for pressures that exceed 3 MPa. The Model 4500AL is designed for low-pressure ranges. The vented version (ALV) provides automatic compensation for barometric pressure changes. Thermistors are included to measure temperatures.

4500H_Pressure_Transducer1Pressure Transducers | Model 4500H, 4500HH
The Model 4500H and 4500HH Pressure Transducers are supplied with a 1/4 -18 NPT male or female pipe thread fitting to permit the transducer to be coupled directly into hydraulic or pneumatic pressure lines. Other pipe thread sizes are also available.

4500Ti_Titanium_PiezometerTitanium Piezometer | Model 4500Ti
The Model 4500Ti is designed specifically for use in highly corrosive environments such as landfills and leach fields. Also used in critical areas where long-term survivability is essential, for example, as innuclear waste repositories and aggressive minetailings. All exposed surfaces are made from titanium.*

4500HT_Series_High_Temperature_PiezometerHigh Temperature Pressure Transducers | Model 4500HT Series
Geokon’s 4500HT Series High Temperature Pressure Transducers are designed for monitoring downhole pressures and temperatures in oil recovery systems and geothermal applications, where the temperature may be as high as 250°C. These sensors are supplied with either mineral insulated cables or Teflon® cables inside stainless steel tubing.

4500HD_Heavy_Duty_PiezometerHeavy Duty Piezometer | Model 4500HD
The Model 4500HD Heavy Duty Piezometer is designed for direct burial in fills and dam embankments. The 4500HD is used in conjunction with heavily armored cable to withstand earth movements during construction. Recommended for use in earth dams.*