Powerful interface designed for versatility. Use it as a stand-alone device, a computer interface, or in the field. LabQuest was created with today’s classroom in mind with its vivid color touch screen, durability, and ease of use.
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    LabQuest Mini

      Students using a Vernier Dynamics System with a LabQuest Mini
      LabQuest Mini brings the power of Vernier’s award-winning LabQuest technology to teachers who don’t need the versatility of a standalone device. The perfect solution for educators collecting data with a Windows or Macintosh computer, LabQuest Mini works with Logger Pro 3 or Logger Lite software for unparalleled power, analysis, and curricular support.

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      Go! Link

        The Go!Link USB sensor interface is a quick and affordable way to get started with data-collection technology. It’s a single-channel interface that connects most Vernier sensors to your Windows or Macintosh computer’s USB port.

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