Industrial 4G router for reliable M2M communication

Industrial 4G router for reliable M2M communication

4G industrial mobile broadband router for reliable machine to machine communication in critical infrastructure systems


The MRD-455 is extremely well suited to industrial applications where reliable machine to machine
communication is vital. It has a compact design with all interfaces and LEDs at the front, DIN-rail mounting, isolated power supply and an operating voltage range spanning from 10 VDC to 60 VDC. This industrial mobile broadband router offers a broad range of connectivity options, supporting many mobile standards including 4G/LTE, 3G, and GPRS. A GPS antenna port enables customers to track remote assets by location which can be helpful in order to reduce the time it takes to locate equipment in an area.

The unit has a built-in two port 10/100 Ethernet switch and RS-232 D-Sub, which allows devices to seamlessly connect over vast geographical distances. Status changes to the device can be received by SMS, allowingindustrial applications to be managed, controlled and updated from across the globe. This eliminates the need for time consuming and costly site visits.

The MRD-455 offers Virtual Private Network (VPN) functionality, enabling secure tunnels to be created over insecure networks, such as the Internet. Dual SIM support ensures that connectivity is not dependent on a single carrier. Should a problem occur the MRD-455 switches to the other SIM. The MRD-455 also features a powerful inspection firewall which, together with the VPNs and dual SIM support, assures a secure network.

Managed Industrial PoE Switch

Managed Industrial PoE Switch for infrastructure applications

Compact and robust industrial device delivering savings on cable installation costs


Westermo is pleased to announce the PMI-110-F2G, a new layer 2 industrial managed Ethernet switch with Power over Ethernet (PoE) and gigabit capability. The PMI-110-F2G is especially developed for surveillance applications in environments such as industrial automation, machine building and building automation where cost savings can be delivered when the power cabling is made unnecessary by PoE. The device guarantees quality and reliability by incorporating advanced network management, security protocols and resilience features.

With a compact and robust design, no moving parts, an operating temperature range from -40°C to + 70°C and compliancy with industrial EMC requirements, the PMI is suitable for mounting into industrial cabinets in tough industrial and outdoor applications. In these locations the robust DIN rail mounting clip and the compact size makes the installation simple and fast, which contributes to easier maintenance and reduced cost in the long term.

The PMI-110-F2G has 8 PoE/PoE+ ports each capable of delivering 30W of power , which enables the PMI-110-F2G to be used for powering both standard cameras as well as end devices with higher power needs, such as PTZ cameras, wireless access points and WiMax systems. The PoE function includes advanced features like smart power budget control, end device status monitoring and calendar based on/off scheduling.

In addition to the 8 PoE/PoE+ ports the PMI is equipped with 2 Gigabit RJ45/SFP combo uplink ports to provide a flexible high speed uplink for con¬nection to backbone switches, which enables high data rate video streams over long distances.

The design and features of the PMI-110-F2G makes it perfectly suited for critical applications such as real time camera surveillance networks, where equipment needs to guarantee high performance at all times.

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Redfox Industrial

Westermo Release New Industrial Routing Switches


Westermo is delighted to announce the release of seven new industrial routing switches heralding a step forward in networking performance at the edge of industrial mission critical networks. At the network edge the density of equipment has increased as well as needs such as enhanced security and network resilience hence the need for a new generation of industrial switches.

RedFox is a high performance layer 3 industrial Ethernet switch designed for high network traffic applications. Seven new switch configurations are available that can be further customised with SFP transceivers. Two models, the RFI-207-F4G-T3G and RFI-211-F4G-T7G, offer gigabit connections on all ports. The RFI-219-F4G-T7G offers 19 ports altogether including 7 SFP fibre ports in a robust and compact DIN rail mount industrial housing.

The RedFox is designed for use in heavy duty industrial applications in its robust aluminium housing and has been tested both by Westermo and external test houses to meet many EMC, isolation, vi-bration and shock standards, all to the highest levels suitable for heavy industrial environments and rail trackside application.

RedFox is powered by the Westermo WeOS network operating system which is now delivered in 70 different models in the Westermo range. WeOS has been developed by Westermo to allow us to offer cross platform and future proof solutions. WeOS can deliver unique IP security functionality for this class of product, for instance a Multiport DMZ can be constructed by utilising the firewall function available in every port. Remote secure access to a network can be provided using encrypted VPNs.

As a Layer 3 routing switch the RedFox is capable of delivering enterprise type routing functionality with OSPF, RIP and VRRP as well as process level ring recovery times of around 20ms even at speeds of 1 gbit/sec utilising Westermo’s FRNT protocol.

It has wide power range 19-60VDC on dual power inputs for resilience and requires 30% less power than the previous generation of products, a significant benefit for lifetime running costs. A wide operating temperature range –40 to +70°C (–40 to +158°F) can be achieved with no moving parts or cooling holes in the case.


Westermo announce time saving network tool

WeConfig a Network Configuration Management Tool


WeConfig is a Network Configuration Management (NCM) tool that simplifies both the initial installation of a network and the ongoing maintenance once commissioned. This simplification is of high value to both commissioning engineers as well as network maintenance engineers as networks continue to expand.

This tool has been developed to provide a simple method of network configuration of single or multiple Westermo devices. Once installed on a PC the software scans the network for devices. Once the scan is complete a list of devices as well as a mini topology map is displayed. Now basic configuration information like IP addresses can be quickly assigned and further configuration easily facilitated by accessing device web or CLI configuration windows.

Once devices are configured and the network commissioned a backup of all the device configuration files can be easily made and stored. In the event that a switch or router needs to be replaced in service a rapid download of the saved configuration file results in a fast network repair. If a firmware upgrade is available for the network devices then a system-wide upgrade can be managed by WeConfig.

Once operational the network topology can be viewed in WeConfig and edited to more clearly show the interconnection of resilient network structures. Device properties can be easily read and additional equipment added rapidly and professionally.

WeConfig is available free of charge for use on all Westermo Network products featuring the WeOS operating system as well as a number of other network devices.

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Wolverine – Ethernet Line Extenders for the global hazardous area market

Easy-to-use, compact devices for mission critical applications in hazardous areas


Westermo is delighted to announce the release of a significant extension to its range of compact and ultra-reliable Ethernet line extenders. The Wolverine range has been enhanced with three new models designed to meet the needs of the global hazardous area market.

The Westermo Wolverine Ethernet extender range is now fully certificated by independent approvals bodies to ATEX/ IECEX by BASEEFA making the products perfect for use at the extreme edge of Ethernet networks where there may occasionally be an explosive atmosphere.

The Wolverine range uses SHDSL technology to establish a high-speed connection between Ethernet networks using any existing copper cables. This can enable considerable cost savings to be made when installing new systems where in the past the only option would have been fibre. It is capable of cold starting at -40°C and operating at a constant ambient temperature of 70°C without the need for air-holes in the case. In these locations the robust DIN rail mounting clip and compact size also makes installation simple and fast.

Reliability and resilience are critical in these remote locations as maintenance opportunities are limited and network failure often mission critical. Westermo provides industry leading MTBF figures exceeding 500,000 hrs to the MIL-HDBK-217F standard.

The Wolverine’s WeOS operating system provides an extensive suite of IP networking standards allowing resilient and flexible networks to be created. Developed to allow cross platform and future proof solutions, WeOS delivers a unique level of security and enables the Wolverine to form part of a point-to-point, multi-drop or resilient ring network. In the event of any link or hardware failure, Westermo’s unique FRNT technology is able to re-configure a large network.

The Wolverine is transparent for multicast addressing, allows VPN (Virtual Private Network) pass-through for IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) and can be used with protocols like Modbus/TCP and PROFINET I/O. The Wolverine also features a Link Fault Forward (LFF) functionality whereby the Ethernet link status is sent over the SHDSL link between two units.

The Wolverine family is designed and manufactured in Westermo’s engineering facilities in Sweden. Our production facility is regularly visited by quality auditors from major global corporations ensuring the already high standards of manufacture are maintained and improved.